Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The crew and I went for an evening hike up Burbank Canyon in north Claremont after work yesterday. We've hiked this trail numerous times, but this was the first time going this late in the day.

First cool evening in quite sometime..perfect for a stroll through the hills. The trail is 5 miles long with half of that straight up the mountain. It can be just a tad brutal if you're lugging a bit of extra weight with you. Stupid gravity.(Yeah ,I'm what you think you're better than me?!)

The views from the top when you finally make it are worth the struggle. As the sun did it's disappearing act on us half way through our journey, the combination of dark surroundings and the rapidly changing kaleidoscope of colors in the sky added to the zen-like feel of this adventure. Not to mention, not a single chupacabra in sight..(I repeated this to myself a few times as it got darker and darker).

Great views of the Inland Empire and LA from the top of the mountain. Perfect.

photos by Shawziee

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Red Bull Soapbox Derby '09

Being a connoisseur of the frugal arts (cheap ass), my favorite events usually include the word "Free" somewhere in the title. Free beer, free tacos, dirt, whatever dude sign me up. So when I heard about this Red Bull event, with it's free admission, and free Red Bulls given away by the ever-so lovely Red Bull girls, I knew this fat guy had to attend. A quick call to Brother Shaw (fat guy in training), and a stop to the store for a few necessities (tall-cans and vodka cleverly disguised as a water bottle) and we were off. We attempted to get there early to beat the crowds, but we soon learned everyone else had the same idea.

We were lucky to get a spot right near the starting line. From here were able to hear how the race was going to be judged. Each team's car had to have a different theme and were going to be judged on creativity, originality, and the ability to finish the course. This car here had a Wall Street bailout theme. The driver threw fake money out the back as he zoomed by. Very cool.

Not exactly sure what the theme to this car was, but he was sure hauling balls..

These guys used E.T. as their theme, you can see E.T. pointing at us on their way down. This was a crowd favorite for sure.

Wandering around the race, I stumbled upon this thing. I never saw it run, but man does it look sketchy. What are the birds for anyway?

Overall we had a great time. It was good to see that many people out at an event without any drama (at least we didn't see any drama). Can't wait till next years event, and just maybe we'll have a car of our own in the race. What do you say guys?

photos by Shawziee


Well what do we have here?! Seems as this frequent blog reader finally jumps head first into the blogosphere. If any good can come of this current (and in my humble opinion) pre-fabricated economic down-turn, it's that the lack of buisness has given me the time and the means to finally vent my thoughts and opinions and force them upon the world. So join me and my fat friends (or don''s up to you) as we make the best of our time here on this gigantic rock called Earth, in search of fun and tacos...