Thursday, December 17, 2015

Some Gangster Sh#t..

OG Suga Free tearing up the stage at the Observatory in Santa Ana

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dogs rule.

The 4th of July holiday quickly approaches and its time to remind people of what might happen to be the absolute worst time of the year for our best friends, our dogs. Fireworks are fun for us but dog ears are much more sensitive than ours and the cacophonous assault of explosions must seem like World War 17 to them. So make sure your best friend is safe and sound while you light Chinese made fireworks to celebrate well over two hundred years of imperialism and subjugation by the powers that be. America, F$#k yeah. This is my dog Gonzo. May you all have many happy years with an awesome friend like him.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fun with intestines..

Its been 5 long years since my last post. Some people might wonder where in the hell I've been, well I'll tell you. See years ago when i started this blog i had a cushy office job where i sat behind a computer all day and blogged during company time. Living the dream, i know. Anyhow jobs come and go and that one most certainly went. Being the resourceful kinda guy that i am, i took on a house painting job 5 years ago. I didn't think i was ever going to finish painting that goddamn house. Well now that its done, i can get back to blogging. This is a short video i took on a recent visit to Wang Cho Korean Bbq in Chino Hills Ca. After pilfering the all you can eat menu for a good hour and a half, we got a little adventurous and ordered up some more unusual cuts of meat..enjoy.