Friday, October 23, 2009

Beach Cruisin'

Late October and the weather's in the high 80's to low 90's. For some parts of the country, this time of year means the changing of the seasons and leaves turning brown and yada, yada, yada. Yeah..thanks, but no thanks. Here in Southern California, we've managed to whittle away the excess seasons of the year and basically have two types of weather year round. Hot and not so hot. While this may be offputting to some, for us natives it just gives us all the more reason to head to the beach! On this particularly sunny day, it behooved us to take our bikes out for a leisurely ride along the waterfront. Beach Cruisers on the beach? BRILLIANT!!

The sun was warm and the breezes were wonder some people don't like Southern Californians. I'd hate us too if I weren't from here.

We started off from Newport heading north up the bike trail with no particular destination in mind. Just keep peddling along we said.

This is a great shot from underneath the Huntington Beach pier. (Note the ubiquitous pee stain on the little wall-not ours I swear! I would at least have had the decency to go waist deep in the water and stand there, looking around, acting as if I weren't relieving myself in the ocean. What? Oh sure, I'm the ONLY person that's ever done this. Whatever. Don't judge me.)

Further down Huntington Beach we rode past the oil rigs, oblivious to their presence..just keep peddling.

We came across this trippy sundial thing near the restroom area. I'd like to know what kind of genius made sure this beach wasn't lacking in the 'lady standing on her head sundial thing' department. To think that someone actually thought to themselves; "You know what our beach needs? A lady standing on her head sundial thing!" BRILLIANT!!

We rode for quite some time and took a break by this fire pit we found on a cliff overlooking the water. Jack's unprovoked display of approval spoke for us all.

We made it to Bolsa Chica State Beach which made this an 18 mile round trip. Good job guys, how in the hell did we ride so far? We watched the tide beginning to head back out, time to turn around and pedal our asses back to the truck.

I highly recommend everyone to take a day off in the middle of the week and head to the beach, or nearest body of water and spend the day just chilling the hell out. Life is fleeting. Get out there and do some cool shit while you can. And on that note, it's time to find out what sort of shenanigans we can get into this weekend. Till next time...

photos by Shawziee


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