Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seriously, WTF?!

Going to try something new here on the blog where I will pontificate my views and opinions on random news articles and current events I find interesting as I wander aimlessly through the murky depths of the Intra-webs. Take this article from the Telegraph UK I've just read for example..

Kill Our Cows and Save our Planet-

Basically it boils down to this, these two economist types get paid handsomely for writing books (Freakanomics and SuperFreakanomics) in which they say show environmental and societal changes in the world based on statistical information that they've strenuously gathered, compiled and put into 'laymans terms', making it easier for us sheeple to comprehend. Now it's well known that data can be manipulated to prove or show just about anything. Shit, just because I tell you that 2 + 2 equals 5 doesn't necessarily make it so. Take this tid-bit of info from their latest book. According to them, cows, and other 'gassy' animals pose a greater threat to the planet than the various types of petroleum consuming, exhaust spewing vehicles currently employed around the globe. Get real. Do you really expect me to believe animals are worse for the environment than cars or trucks or airplanes? And there's no fucking way these two ass goblins went out and measured the farts of every animal on the entire planet. How in the FUCK do you measure that many farts? What about fish? Do fish fart? And if so, how do you know that fish farts don't actually replenish the atmosphere due to their high water content? Re-Fucken-Diculous. Animals have been here for millions of years and the planet had been just fine. It wasn't until grimly fiendish uncle fuckers decided it was more important to make a profit than to worry about turning the planet into one big feces-splattered toilet fucking bowl! You want to eliminate harmful hot air from the environment? Get rid of all the politicians, greedy bankers, and TV mouthpieces who spew forth nothing but vile, agenda-laden BULLSHIT. If cow farts are damaging the atmosphere, then there's got to be huge, gaping holes in the ozone layer directly above Washington D.C., Wall Street, and London from the ginormous amounts of BULLSHIT emanating from those places. Blame the animals for destroying the world while unending wars and the pillaging of the planet goes unnoticed and hidden from the public. Are you fucking kidding me? You almost have to admire these corporate backed, disinformation peddling jack-offs for finding a new way to line their pockets while the economy they thought they knew about crumbles around them. After all, animals don't have lawyers..they're perfect scape goats (pun intended). I just hope no one takes their book seriously enough to actually go out and harm some cows or alpacas or whatever. Cows and alpacas have to fart just like you do people! Leave them the fuck alone. Then again, some people believe everything they are told...*GO BUY ALL THE BEER AND TACOS YOU CAN AND SEND THEM TO ME OR BABY SEALS WILL BLUDGEON EACH OTHER TO DEATH!* Hey, it's worth a try.

Push the cows too far and you'll never know what might happen....

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