Monday, October 5, 2009

Venice Beach Fun

"What's going on this weekend?" was the question posed to me as I sat at my desk staring at the clock, anxiously awaiting five o'clock to finally free me from the ass-dragging drudgery that is the work week. Friday at last, and thanks to Caroline On Crack, (greatest blog ever) I am privy to tip of the weekend. Hotel Erwin in Venice is having a open house "Hash Bash" Mimosa's and free grub?? Oh yes. Like 4 flat tires, it's going down!

This is why I love Venice. Look at this bit of awesome-ness we encountered just pulling into the parking lot. Although I cannot confirm this, I have reason to believe Satan himself drives this car. This is the last thing I want to see in my rear-view on a late night. Good god man, is that a cow-catcher?

Another bit of Venice kitsch. Why of course there needs to be a clown in a tu-tu above the drugstore. Venice wouldn't have it any other way.

A nice spread in front of the 'Erwin' graffiti wall. My trusty photographer mis-remembered the camera at home, but managed to save the day with his back up. (Well done sir! That's the kind of shit you win Pulitzers for!) The drinks flowed (boy did they) and after a few rounds, we didn't even care when they ran out of orange juice and started making mimosa's out of grapefruit. Mmmm, bitter. We had a great time getting nice and toasted and chatting it up with the locals till the two o'clock cut off time. Seeing as how the four of us had consumed at least $60 bucks worth of booze each, it was a good time to get up and walk it off..(not to mention a certain someone with us sparked a bowl in the lobby restroom..yeah, we should go right about now) Thanks to Hotel Erwin for the hospitality, we'll definitely be back

The Venice skatepark grand opening was going on also..Shawziee caught these dudes doing a DogTown mural. Very cool.

On we went, wandering amongst the weirdos, feeling right at home. Our minds clouded from free booze, heading somewhere and nowhere at the same time. This is what Venice is all about, this is why we jump at the chance to come here again and again. Sure, there are cleaner, safer, less urine-stenched beaches out there..but you can keep 'em. We'll take this one everytime.

photos by shawziee

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