Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cucamonga Canyon Hike

Although the weather leading up to weekend saw us getting reacquainted with our sweaters and jackets, mother nature reminded us again of who's actually in charge. Suffocatingly hot was the forecast for Saturday and this was just plain unacceptable.
The crew and I decided to be proactive in our search of relief from the heat. Relief came in the form of a short hike up Cucamonga canyon to a secret watering hole Shawziee had stumbled upon during one of his wanderings through the hills. On we went, braving temps in the high 90's to reach our destination.

Now, it wouldn't exactly be a 'Secret' watering hole if we showed you the way there. Besides that, it's awfully difficult to traverse slime-covered rocks, uphill, in knee deep rushing water, and take pictures while holding a beer in your hand. Multi-tasking at it's finest. We were rewarded for our efforts with this little waterfall area that was like something out of a story book. Beers and a babbling brook..just perfect.

Seriously, drinking Coors in the mountains? How cliche!

With the canyon walls shielding us from the sun's scorching rays, and our feet in the cool mountain water, our mission was complete.

Shanna found a nice place to rest. Dozens of spots up and down the stream just like this. I may never leave I remember telling myself..

With all the beer imbibed, and the sun beginning to retreat back to wherever it is the sun goes at night, we set off back down the mountain.

A quick break was in order to get rocks out of our shoes and to just look around for other possible spots for a repeat visit. Oh yes, we will be back.

Fat Guy in the water, trying not to find out if in fact he floats or not..

Trudging forward, hoping we wouldn't discover any water snakes or any other unpleasant surprises.

Finally back on dry land, walking back towards civilization. The serenity we had found within the tree-lined canyons rapidly evaporating with every step through the warm, hazy sunshine that lead us back to our separate realities. Reality sucks. What are we doing tomorrow?

photos by Shawziee


  1. So, you left your beer bottles in the creek?

    1. Of course not, they were promptly collected and thrown at your house, schmuck.